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Dan - Indiecator
“While I’m a complete noob when it comes to technical terms, Edward made the effort to explain terms and words I didn’t know about so well that even I could understand them. It was very enlightening. Edward created something amazing that reminds me a little bit of video game soundtracks that I love and adore, which I’m thankful for. It was a great experience.”


"I had a really great time working with Eddy. Not only was he very open to hearing my feedback about the track we were working on, he also made sure to make any adjustments I requested very quickly. Communication was clear, open and always swiftly after sending a message, which I really appreciate. I think communication is super important when working on a project and with Eddy that is definitely something that was very easy to maintain. I was very pleased with the instrumental he made for me! There were some delays in me being able to work further on our collaboration, but Eddy never made me feel guilty, which I liked a lot. All in all I really like working with Eddy and would recommend him to anyone!"

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